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Justice Ministry to Establish “Mediator”

Phnom Penh: The Minister of Justice, Kert Rith, has announced the they are preparing to establish a "mediator" to mediate disputes as well as to reduce congestion in court. Speaking at the 26th General Assembly of the Bar Association, Rith says that the Ministry of Justice is preparing a policy framework and law to serve the policy of resolving disputes effectively through the judiciary. He says in the future, the ministry will establish a new legal profession, the "mediator", tasked for reconciling and resolving disputes that the law allows.

Minister Rith says, " ‘A successful compromise, even if it is not good, even if it is a bad one, is still better than a good case process’, said the French slogan. Not to mention that you are friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters, but after three schools and still don’t smile at each other, you will become enemies. Not to mention that even parents and children look down on each other too. "But on the other hand, if we can try to reconcile, if we do not treat each other as enemies, at least we can keep a smile on our faces as long as we find a win-win solution."

The Minister has added that resolving disputes outside the judiciary through "mediators" will help a lot in resolving disputes, making local communities more harmonious, the courts easing the burden of litigation and bringing justice services closer to the people.

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