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Government Sets Compulsory Contribution for Civil Servants

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun issued a sub-decree on Monday setting the compulsory contribution for civil servants in the kingdom in line with the Law on Social Security, promulgated No. promulgated No. NS / RKAM / 1119/018, dated 2 November 2019. This applies to civil servants working in the in ministries, institutions, units at the national and sub-national levels under the provisions of the Law on the General Statute of Civil Servants of the Kingdom of Cambodia and those under the Law on the Statute of Civil Servants of Legislative Group.

Workers who are working on air, sea vessels and domestic servants are also required to pay their contributions. The sub-decree sets the minimum contribution of $98 equivalent to 400,00 Riel and maximum of $294 equivalent to 1,200,000 Riel. The contributed wages are required from workers which will be used in providing pensions for those who are already retired from services and for health care benefits in the kingdom.

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