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Interior Minister Urges Kampong Thom to Improve Conservation of Natural Resources

Kampong Thom: Interior Minister, Sar Kheng, is urging authorities in Kampong Thom Province to promote the management and protection of natural resources as public property by strictly enforcing the law. He was speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the new Governor of Kampong Thom Province on Monday afternoon.

He says authorities and stakeholders need to protect the natural resources of Kampong Thom, which includes protected areas, which are “often subject to deforestation, encroachment on illegal forest land, as well as illegal fishing in protected areas.” He says, "Therefore, the competent forces at all levels of Kampong Thom province must improve the management and protection of natural resources, public property, by striving to strictly enforce the law to prevent and suppress forest crimes, fishing crimes and crimes of all kinds against natural resources."

The Minister says authorities must also unite to increase education and inspire the participation of the people to protect and conserve natural resources for the sake of future generations.

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