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Cambodian and International Day of the Elderly to be Celebrated on 1 October

Phnom Penh: Prime Minister Hun Sen has organized the Cambodian and International Day of the Elderly and it will be celebrated nationwide on Friday, 1 October. He has instructed the Ministry of Social Affairs and Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation of the Cambodian National Committee for the elderly to cooperate with relevant ministries, institutions, development partners, as well as non-government organizations and other international organizations to celebrate the two meaningful events accordingly.

The Capital and Provincial Administration is celebrating the Cambodian Day of the Elderly and the International Day of the Elderly on Friday by giving special conditions for civil servants of the Armed Forces at all levels, monks, clergy, grandparents and people of all ages. And to increase awareness of the importance of the National Policy on the Elderly 2017-2030.

The sub-national administration is tasked to promote the establishment of more senior citizens' associations in local communities throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia in accordance with the plan set in the spirit of solidarity to help everyone concern. This is also calling the attention of all partners, NGOs and international organizations, to continuously support the existing programs for the development of the Association of the Elderly.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports must encourage all universities, institutes, departments of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of the Capital and Provinces to promote the student movement to respect the voices and opinions of parents, grandparents, and elderly people in the locality, and to develop more programs and projects for the benefit of the elderly, the poor, disabled, and the homeless in the local area to help elevate their situations.

The Ministry of Cults and Religions must guide the pagodas and temples throughout the country through the clergy, development partners, philanthropists and other local funding institutions to support, in accordance with the national policy on the elderly so that they can have a decent living conditions and proper healthcare.

The Ministry of Information must use all public and private media outlets to widely disseminate all activities for the occasion . Participating in supporting the care of the elderly is an important factor in the implementation of the welfare system for people of all ages in Cambodian society.

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