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Yim Sinan: We Want a Life Without an Arrest Warrant

Phnom Penh: The former President of the Youth Movement of the Cambodia National Rescue Party, Yim Sinan, said that in writing a letter to Prime Minister Hun Sen, he wanted the Prime Minister to ask the competent authorities to examine the possibility of dropping the charges against him and some other members because they wanted justice and to live like other citizens.

Yim Sinan, who is currently living in South Korea, told EAC News that he and his colleagues want to live lives as ordinary citizens without any arrest warrant hanging over them.

The charges against Yim Sinan and his associates date back to 9 November 2019, when Sam Rainsy announced his return to Cambodia. In his letter to the Prime Minister, Yim Sinan states that he and his colleagues did not support Rainsy's return and even less so supporting any uprising against the Royal Government. He added that because of this lack of support and speaking against Rainsy, he was attacked by extremists and his group was tainted unjustly.

He wrote: "This is an injustice. Unfortunately the above campaign has led to misunderstandings by the Cambodian authorities to the point of accusing us of being involved in repatriation activities in November 2019, and there is even an arrest warrant from the judiciary.”

Justice Ministry spokesman, Chin Malin, told EAC News that a request for a waiver from the court could be made by any stakeholder, including the government and the parties involved in the case, but that the court’s decision would be final.

Yim Sinan’s arrested warrant was issued by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court on 6 November 2019 seeking to arrest him on charges of conspiracy and incitement in Cambodia and elsewhere during that year.

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