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Indonesian Chamber of Commerce Opens in Cambodia

Phnom Penh: Indonesia has officially opened its Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia on Monday to facilitate trade between the two countries and strengthen the relationship between Indonesian and Cambodian businessmen in a sustainable manner. The Director General of the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce, Nguon Meng Tech, says, the goal of opening an Indonesian trade office in Cambodia was to cooperate with the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce in arranging trade between Cambodia and Indonesia after experiencing slowing down of the spread of Covid 19. He has added that this is also to do business and investments together in tourism and all other sectors.

Tech says, "This is a good and long-lasting business. This establishment, such as the European Chamber of Commerce and the American Chamber of Commerce, these are beneficial for Cambodia in our socio-economic development. A long-term future. If we do not have it, communication is broken." He stressed that the opening of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce now will help increase trade volume between the two countries.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, Sieng Thai has said that the opening of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia would help strengthen and expand economic, trade and investment cooperation between the two countries. He says, in the past, the two sides have worked hard together, but due to the geographical situation and the demand for goods for the market is not favorable, exports from Cambodia to Indonesia are still small.

Thai has added that in 2019, the Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia and the Embassy of Indonesia jointly organised the Cambodia-Indonesia Friendship Exhibition to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Cambodia-Indonesia diplomatic relations with the aim of promoting their respective potential goods. At present, the number of companies with Indonesian shareholders is 124 and the number of enterprises with 9 Indonesian owners.

 According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, Cambodia's exports to Indonesia were worth $21 million from January to August this year; down to $3 million from 2020. While Indonesia's imports to Cambodia were worth $402 million, down to more than $ 50 million from last year.

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