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Foreigner Shoots Himself in the Calf Outside Sorya Mall

Phnom Penh: A foreign national who goes by the name “Perry” shot himself in the foot in front of Sorya Mall in Phsat Thmei 3, Daun Penh, along street 154 at 2am on Sunday morning. The distraught man is now recovering in hospital.

Eyewitnesses say that the man had already fired a shot into the ground after complaining that two of his mobile phones, wallet, backpack and around 150 US dollars had been stolen from him. Concerned citizens called the Daun Penh District police officers to deal with the man after the initial shot. But when a police officer attempted to apprehend the man, he fired another shot and the bullet passed through his pocket and lodged in his calf. It is not known if it was an accident or intentional. Police then contacted an ambulance to transport the victim to hospital, and confiscated the man’s fire-arm, pending further investigations.

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