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MoH Warns Against Facebook Account Accessory Market

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Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Health has warned to take strict legal action against the Facebook account called "Accessory Market" which is promoting the health supplement product BioLife Spirulina. The ministry says the product does not have a registration number. It has advised people to look for the order label on the packaging and the visa number before buying any medicines. If there is none, that means it is counterfeit.

The Ministry of Health also called on all citizens to stop believing in the promotion of BioLife Spirulina health supplement products and to stop using the above unregistered health supplements. The owner or people behind the account are being called out to immediately stop importing, distributing or promoting BioLite Spirulina as this is not registered or approved by the health ministry.

The Ministry of Health has stated, “There will be strict legal action against the above account holders and all those involved in importing, distributing or promoting BioLife Spirulina health supplement products without the above registration number in accordance with the Law on Amendments to the law."

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