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Two Missing Children Found Dead

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Phnom Penh: The two children reported missing on Saturday night in Phnom Penh have both been found dead. Hours after they were reported missing, police recovered one of their bodies from a nearby river. He was found barely 100 metres from his home. The body of the other child was found the following morning further downstream. Results of a forensic examination have confirmed that both boys drowned after falling from a dam wall.

Phnom Penh Police Command and the Child Protection Unit responded to the call on Saturday night. When the second child could not be found, the search was called off until first light on Sunday morning.

The Child Protection Unit says the incident is a sad reminder that the rainy season can lead to tragic events like this, especially around Phnom Penh, with potholes, excavation sites and creeks becoming extremely dangerous, particularly for unsupervised children.

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