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Surge in Vehicle Inspections Highlight Safety and Environmental Benefits

Phnom Penh, July 10, 2024 — In the first half of 2024, vehicle inspections surged, with 115,838 units inspected—a significant increase of 41,548 units compared to the 74,290 vehicles inspected in the same period in 2023.

Phorn Rim, Spokesman for the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, explained that these inspections are mandated by the Law on Road Traffic and specific regulations, including Prakas No. 170 and Prakas 234 PRK dated July 30, 2019. These laws require vehicle owners or users to undergo technical inspections at designated centers or through mobile inspection services. All tuk-tuks and semi-trailers on the road must possess a valid technical inspection certificate issued by the Ministry or an authorized company.

The validity of the technical inspection certificates varies by vehicle type:

- New cars, family cars, and light trucks (PICK-UP) for household use: 4 years

- Used cars, family cars, and light trucks (PICK-UP) for household use: 2 years

- New cars for passenger and freight business: 2 years

- Used cars for passenger and freight business: 1 year

- New semi-trailers and tuk-tuks: 2 years

- Used semi-trailers and tuk-tuks: 1 year

Phorn Rim emphasized the benefits of vehicle inspections, which include:

- Safety for vehicle users

- Reduced congestion and accidents

- Protection of road and bridge infrastructure

- Longer vehicle lifespan and reduced repair costs

- Environmental protection through pollution control measures

He also noted that traffic police would enforce these regulations by checking for valid inspection certificates and fining vehicles that fail to comply with the technical standards.

The increase in vehicle inspections reflects a growing awareness of the importance of vehicle maintenance for safety and environmental reasons, ensuring smoother traffic flow and contributing to overall public safety.

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