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ITU Director Endorses Cambodian Ministry of Information's Efforts to Enhance Media Quality

PHNOM PENH, July 10, 2024 — Atsuko Okuda, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Director for Asia and the Pacific, has expressed strong support for the Cambodian Ministry of Information's initiatives aimed at improving the quality of information and broadcasting. This endorsement came during a recent visit organized through the Asia-Pacific Institute for Media Development (AIBD) to explore collaborative efforts to transition the country's media from analog to digital formats.

During her meeting with Minister Neth Pheaktra on July 9, 2024, at the Ministry of Information, Okuda highlighted the importance of joint training programs to enhance the skills and professional ethics of individuals involved in information dissemination. Such initiatives are crucial in the fight against the spread of counterfeit information.

Minister Pheaktra discussed the dynamic progress of media development in Cambodia, particularly on social media platforms where the spread of both genuine and fake news is rampant. He pointed out that some media operations engage in deceptive practices to gain likes, money, and other benefits, misleading the public.

The Ministry has prioritized the training of media professionals during its seventh mandate, aiming to ensure that information production is not only beneficial to citizens but also secure. "Our focus is on upholding the right to quality information and ensuring that it is safe and free from falsehoods," said Pheaktra.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Information is in the process of drafting a charter for the journalism profession. This document is intended to serve as a legal framework for journalists and media professionals in Cambodia, promoting the value and integrity of the journalism profession.

Okuda added that the ITU and AIBD are committed to supporting Cambodia's efforts in media training. In a significant move to foster regional media collaboration, the AIBD representative has requested the Ministry of Information of Cambodia to host the Asia Media Summit in 2025.

This partnership underscores a significant step towards enhancing the standards and capabilities of media professionals in Cambodia, aligning with global best practices in information security and media integrity.

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