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14 Cambodian Artifacts Handed Over to National Museum of Cambodia

Phnom Penh, July 4, 2024 In a significant cultural repatriation, 14 Cambodian artifacts were returned to the National Museum of Cambodia this afternoon. The handover ceremony, organized by the Department of Museums, marks a major milestone in the preservation of Cambodia’s heritage. These artifacts, part of a collection from the Metropolitan Museum (MET) of the United States, were previously taken out of the country.

Among the returned items is a sandstone statue of Princess Uma, stolen in 1997, and a bronze head with its body. The collection also includes a bronze statue of King Kesor, which the MET acquired from Douglas Latchford in 1992. Additionally, 11 other statues made of sandstone and various metals have been safely returned to their homeland.

The return of these artifacts underscores the importance of international cooperation in preserving cultural heritage and rectifying historical wrongs. The National Museum of Cambodia will now work to preserve and showcase these treasures for future generations.

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