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Prime Minister Hun Manet Advocates for Enhanced Teacher Training

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, July 4, 2024 – Prime Minister Hun Manet has issued a call to educators across the nation to intensify their efforts in upgrading their teaching skills to ensure a brighter future for Cambodia.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony at Phnom Penh Teacher Education College and the opening of a new dormitory, Prime Minister Hun Manet emphasized the critical role of teacher quality in enhancing the nation's educational standards and overall human resource development. “Human quality determines our capabilities. A stronger educational foundation will contribute to a stronger nation,” he stated.

The Prime Minister highlighted the interconnectedness of teacher quality and student performance, pointing out the crucial impact of skilled educators on the country’s competitive standing on the global stage. “If our teachers excel, so will our students, and our national human resources will improve, enhancing our competitiveness abroad,” he explained.

Prime Minister Hun Manet also expressed strong support for the ongoing education reforms led by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. He reassured that the Royal Government is committed to continuing its focus on these reforms, noting the substantial increases in funding for education. He cited that the education budget had grown from approximately $782 million in 2020 to about $911 million this year, with plans for further increases in the future.

Highlighting the shift in national budget priorities, he remarked, “During wartime, the largest portion of the budget is allocated to the military, but in peacetime, investing in education is paramount.”

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