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Traffic Accidents in Cambodia Rise in the First Half of 2024, Claiming 793 Lives

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, July 4, 2024 – The General Commission of the National Police has reported a significant rise in traffic incidents for the first six months of 2024. During this period, there were 1,534 traffic accidents, with 55% occurring at night, resulting in 793 fatalities and 2,116 injuries, of which 1,243 were classified as serious.

The data indicates an increase in both deaths and injuries from traffic accidents compared to the previous year, with deaths rising by 37 (approximately 5%) and injuries by 44 (2%). Notably, during the Khmer New Year, fatalities increased by 15%.

During a recent meeting at the Ministry of Interior focused on the enforcement of road traffic laws, General Sar Thet, Commissioner of the National Police, outlined the primary causes of these accidents. Speeding was the leading factor, responsible for 40% of incidents, followed by right-of-way violations (24%) and other factors such as unsafe turning (9%), risky maneuvers (9%), and vehicle-related issues (7%). Additionally, driving under the influence accounted for 3% of the accidents, drowsiness for 1%, and various other factors including weather conditions and pedestrian errors each contributed to 1%.

General Sar Thet emphasized that motorcyclists were disproportionately affected, with 79% of all fatalities involving motorcycle riders, 67% of whom were not wearing helmets at the time of the accident.

The cities most affected included Phnom Penh with 450 accidents, Kandal with 130, and Sihanoukville with 129.

In response to the escalating number of traffic-related fatalities and injuries, General Sar Thet issued a stern directive to all Capital-Provincial Police Commissioners to enforce road traffic laws more rigorously. He expressed his belief that stricter enforcement of traffic regulations is essential to reducing the frequency and severity of road accidents in Cambodia.

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