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Prime Minister Hun Manet Inaugurates New Dormitory and Awards Diplomas at Phnom Penh Pedagogical Institute

Phnom Penh, July 4, 2024 – In an event held this Thursday morning, Prime Minister Hun Manet presided over the inauguration of a new teachers' dormitory and the diploma ceremony for student teachers at the Phnom Penh Pedagogical Institute.

The newly inaugurated four-story dormitory, which features 70 rooms, was funded by contributions from the government, emphasizing the state's commitment to enhancing educational facilities. The dormitory aims to provide comfortable accommodations for educators, fostering a conducive environment for professional development.

During the ceremony, diplomas were awarded to 266 student teachers, of whom 181 are female. This year’s graduates include 243 students from the advanced 12+4 program and 23 from the 12+2 program, all of whom successfully completed their studies in the 2022-2023 academic year.

The Phnom Penh Pedagogical Institute, established on May 22, 2017, has evolved from its origins as a pedagogical center and vocational school into a recognized higher education institution. It is dedicated to training primary and secondary school teachers under the 12+4 educational system.

With substantial support from the Japanese government, through the Embassy of Japan in Cambodia and JICA, the institute has seen the construction of four new buildings equipped with modern facilities. These include a three-story administrative building, a two-story building for science laboratories and creative arts, another two-story structure housing a library and IT classrooms, and a multipurpose hall designed for various activities ranging from meetings to sports.

Alongside physical infrastructure, the institute has also focused on enhancing educational software in collaboration with various partners to strengthen the quality of teaching and learning. This effort is part of a broader Teacher Training Institute reform initiative supported by the Royal Government and international donors.

By the end of the 2022-2023 academic year, the institute had trained 418 primary school teachers and 472 basic level teachers, contributing significantly to the educational sector’s workforce. Additionally, training programs were provided for trainers from 67 pedagogical schools.

Currently, 249 pedagogical students are continuing their studies into the third year, underscoring the institute's ongoing role in shaping the future of education in Cambodia.

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