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Minister Stresses Quality Journalism to Build Public Trust

Kep: Minister of Information Mr. Net Pheaktra has underscored the need for providing true and high-quality content to gain the trust of readers, listeners, and viewers. During a meeting with officials from the Kep Provincial Information Department and local journalists on July 2, 2024, he emphasized the necessity of delivering in-depth and attractive information to the public.

Minister Pheaktra pointed out that the rise of social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok has drastically altered the way people consume information. The widespread use of smartphones and iPads has presented significant challenges for traditional media, including financial constraints and reduced business revenue, leading to the closure of many major media outlets. He attributed these changes to the evolution of information technology.

The minister stressed that ministries, institutions, and media organizations, both public and private, must adapt to these technological advancements in line with the policies and strategies of the Royal Government. This adaptation is crucial to keep pace with digital progress and societal changes.

Addressing why traditional media is still necessary when people increasingly rely on social media for information, Minister Pheaktra reaffirmed the Ministry of Information's commitment to traditional media. He highlighted the recent relaunch of the 45-year-old Cambodian newspaper, now also published online, as part of integrating traditional media with modern technology. He argued that traditional media remains more reliable than social media, which can be rife with fake accounts and misinformation.

The minister called for the modernization of traditional media by integrating digital media with existing technologies. He also urged journalists to adhere to professional ethics and standards to provide accurate and balanced information, thereby enhancing their credibility.

Mr. Im Panharith, Deputy Governor of Kep Province, praised the cooperation between the Provincial Information Department and the Provincial Administration, noting their effective management and dissemination of information. This collaboration has yielded positive results and improved the province's image.

Mr. Ros Oudong, Director of the Kep Provincial Information Department, reported on the department's progress and future plans, emphasizing the need to manage and combat false information promptly. He highlighted ongoing efforts to improve media and audiovisual management in Kep.

The meeting underscored the crucial role of journalists in contributing to societal development by providing accurate information and promoting public awareness through ethical and professional journalism.

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