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Puy Kea Affirms Media Resilience in Cambodia Amid Closures

Phnom Penh, July 3, 2024 – Puy Kea, President of the Club of Cambodian Journalists, addressed concerns about the closure of some media outlets in Cambodia, emphasizing the dynamic resilience and ongoing evolution of the media landscape in the country.

Speaking to the Ministry of Information's online media execution team, Puy Kea remarked, "The closure of media outlets in Cambodia is a normal phenomenon, one that is not unique to our country but occurs globally. Despite these closures, many media professionals continue to contribute significantly by transitioning to new platforms and institutions. This ensures that the expertise and resources within our media community are preserved, benefiting both the institutions they join and the broader society."

He further highlighted the emergence of new media outlets that have risen to fill the gaps left by those that have closed. According to Puy Kea, there is a significant influx of young individuals into journalism, who, despite lacking experience, bring technological proficiency and enhanced linguistic skills to the field, surpassing the capabilities of older generations of journalists.

"These young journalists are not just replacing the old guard; they are enhancing the journalistic landscape with their fresh perspectives and digital savviness, ensuring no loss but rather a complement to our media ecosystem," Puy Kea explained.

His comments come in response to claims from a press association that the shuttering of media outlets had led to job losses and a dearth of in-depth analysis available to the public.

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