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General Sar Thet Emphasizes Collective Effort in Crackdown on Drug Crimes

Phnom Penh: General Sar Thet, General Commissioner of the National Police, stressed that tackling drug crimes is a collective responsibility, not just the work of specific ministries, institutions, or individuals. He called on all stakeholders to unite in preventing and suppressing drug-related offenses.

"Drug crime is not the only job of the police or the military; it is our joint work to crack down, and this crime is not new," said General Sar Thet. "It has been happening for a long time, but the important thing and the direction to continue, we must all cooperate and work together to crack down effectively."

General Sar Thet highlighted the efforts of police forces at both national and provincial levels, who have been persistently cracking down on and confiscating drugs. Their relentless efforts are aimed at tackling the drug problem more effectively.

Educational campaigns disseminated by relevant ministries and institutions emphasize the message: "Let us all say 'no' to drugs, participate in the elimination of drugs, and understand that drug use leads to self-destruction, harming families and society. We must join together for drug-free lives and communities, investing in prevention and education for a drug-free future."

The Royal Government of the 7th legislature, led by Prime Minister Hun Manet, has prioritized the fight against drugs. Consequently, General Sar Thet has issued strict orders to the anti-drug department to use an "iron fist" approach, particularly targeting nightclubs known for drug trafficking and usage.

Under these strict orders, the professional force of the Anti-Drug Department, led by Lt. Gen. Kheng Sarath, is committed to eradicating drug crimes in cities and provinces, focusing especially on entertainment venues.

Notably, in recent months, the Anti-Drug Department has successfully cracked down on several major drug offenses, seizing multiple kilograms of drugs and arresting numerous perpetrators, who have been promptly sent to court for prosecution.

Source: TVK

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