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Prime Minister Hun Manet Celebrates Graduation of 540 Limkokwing University Students

Phnom Penh, June 13, 2024: Prime Minister Hun Manet presided over the graduation ceremony for 540 students from Limkokwing University, held at PH Grand Hall, Peng Huoth. The event celebrated the academic achievements of graduates from the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 academic years, including Associate, Bachelor, and Master Degrees, with women making up over 50% of the graduates.

During his speech, Hun Manet reflected on the importance of education and human resources as foundational elements for national development. He emphasized that during the times of conflict, education was often neglected, which profoundly affected the country's progress. Now, as peace prevails, education has become a cornerstone for building a resilient and prosperous society.

Hun Manet praised the role of human resources in driving the country's development and stressed that despite advancements in technology, human initiative remains indispensable. He underscored that the quality of human resources, defined by their knowledge, skills, and ethical standards, is crucial for sustaining development and competitive advantage.

Drawing attention to the significance of self-reliance, Hun Manet remarked on the historical reliance on foreign aid during Cambodia's recovery periods but highlighted the current focus on fostering domestic capabilities and independence. He rejected proposals that do not align with the country's needs, such as the suggestion to establish a space school, advocating instead for educational programs that cater to Cambodia's immediate and strategic interests.

In his concluding remarks, Hun Manet laid out a vision for the future of education in Cambodia, calling for the enhancement of digital and global competencies among the youth. He encouraged educational institutions to update curricula to meet labor market demands and to foster partnerships with national and international entities to enrich educational outcomes through collaborative research and knowledge exchange.

The Prime Minister also called upon educators to advance their expertise and align teaching methods with practical applications, ensuring that academic research contributes tangibly to national development. He emphasized the importance of continued modernization and governance in the education sector to prepare young Cambodians to be competent leaders in a technologically driven world.

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