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Cuba Extends Invitation to Cambodian National Assembly President for State Visit

Phnom Penh, June 12, 2024 - Cuban Ambassador to Cambodia, Milena Caridad Zaldivar Piedra, has extended an official invitation to Cambodian Parliament Speaker Khuon Sudary for a state visit to Cuba. The invitation was extended during a meeting between Ambassador Zaldivar Piedra and Speaker Sudary at the National Assembly building in Phnom Penh earlier today.

Describing the bilateral relationship between Cambodia and Cuba as robust and enduring, Ambassador Zaldivar Piedra emphasized the foundation of mutual respect for each other's sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs. Reflecting on the longstanding ties between the two nations spanning over six decades, Speaker Sudary remarked on the special bond and the history of cooperation during challenging times, emphasizing the countries' roles as steadfast allies.

Moreover, Ambassador Zaldivar Piedra conveyed the directive of the President of the Cuban Parliament to extend an invitation to the President of the Cambodian National Assembly for a state visit.

Chief of the Cabinet of the National Assembly Speaker, Mr. Keo Piseth, confirmed that Speaker Sudary has graciously accepted the invitation and will plan the visit at an opportune moment in the future.

In light of recent global attention on developments in South America, particularly the arrival of a Russian warship in Havana, Cuba, Mr. Piseth underscored Cambodia's commitment to maintaining neutrality and strengthening ties with Cuba. He emphasized that Cambodia's engagement with Cuba aims to foster regional stability and contribute to global peace efforts.

As the world closely observes geopolitical shifts, Cambodia's diplomatic outreach signifies its dedication to constructive engagement and maintaining harmonious relations with nations across the globe.

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