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Kampong Thom Provincial Administration Takes Aim at Juvenile Delinquency

Kampong Thom, June 11, 2024: An official press release, dated June 1, 2024, originates from the Kampong Thom Provincial Administration and is addressed to all relevant government officials within the province.

The document highlights a growing concern regarding juvenile delinquency and its potential impact on public safety and social order. Fears exist surrounding the formation of youth gangs, which could lead to a rise in violence, theft, and other societal issues.

In accordance with a directive issued by Prime Minister Hun Sen, the Provincial Administration outlines a four-pronged approach to address this issue:

Guidance and Support: Provide at-risk youth with the necessary resources and direction to steer them towards a positive path.

Protection of Lives and Property: Safeguard the well-being of both citizens and potential juvenile delinquents to prevent harm.

Reassurance for Families: Alleviate anxieties among parents and families by demonstrating a proactive approach to youth safety.

Safe and Secure Environment: Foster a secure and stable environment for the entire community.

To achieve these goals, the following actions are mandated:

Comprehensive Plan: The Provincial Gendarmerie, Military Police, and local authorities are tasked with developing a detailed plan to combat juvenile delinquency. This plan should include the creation of a registry that categorizes at-risk youth based on their specific needs (e.g., those requiring care and support, those who are abandoned, and those who are vulnerable).

Stakeholder Collaboration: The Provincial Administration encourages collaboration with key stakeholders, including public and private schools. These entities are urged to participate in youth engagement activities such as sports programs, artistic endeavors, or vocational training initiatives.

Strict Enforcement: Law enforcement agencies and administrative bodies are instructed to rigorously enforce existing regulations to deter and intervene in instances of juvenile delinquency.

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