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Cambodia and Vietnam Forge Partnership with New Inspection Cooperation Agreement

Phnom Penh, June 11, 2024: Huot Hak, Minister of Inspection of Cambodia, and Don Hong Phong, Inspector General of Vietnam, have formalized their collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This agreement, signed at the Government Inspection Office in Vietnam, is designed to bolster the friendly ties and cooperative efforts between the two nations in the realm of governmental inspection.

This MoU is founded on principles of equality, mutual respect, and shared benefits, aligning with the legal frameworks and international norms adhered to by both countries. The scope of this agreement covers several pivotal areas, including the enhancement of inspection processes, resolution of complaints, defamation management, and the promotion of integrity and transparency in governance.

The partnership is expected to facilitate significant advancements in fostering good governance and will contribute to the ongoing development of strong, cooperative relationships between Cambodia and Vietnam.

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