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Minister of Inspection Engages in Bilateral Talks with Vietnamese Counterpart to Enhance Governance and Transparency

Phnom Penh, June 11, 2024: Huot Hak, Minister of Inspection of Cambodia, led a senior delegation to engage in a crucial bilateral meeting with Doan Hong Phong, Inspector General of Vietnam. The session, held at the Government Inspection office of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, focused on mutual learning, particularly in areas such as capacity building, fostering good governance, and ensuring cleanliness in public administration, alongside enhancing complaint resolution, defamation laws, and legal document preparation.

During the meeting, Minister Hak expressed his gratitude for the warm invitation and appreciated the ongoing efforts from both nations to bolster cooperation and achieve the objectives outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding—a pivotal document underlining their commitment to enhancing inspection collaboration.

Minister Hak conveyed greetings from Prime Minister Hun Manet and Dr. Men Sam An, former Deputy Prime Minister and current Advisor to the King, underscoring the importance of their partnership.

He also lauded the Vietnamese government’s recent advancements under the Communist Party’s leadership, which have positioned Vietnam as a rising industrial nation on the global stage. Minister Hak commended the Vietnamese officials for their diligence and ethical conduct in governance, contributing to notable national achievements.

Moreover, Minister Hak informed attendees about the renaming of his ministry to the "Ministry of Inspection," emphasizing a sharpened focus on inspection, governance reform, and the modernization of state institutions to foster a highly capable, intelligent, and transparent public administration.

In his response, Inspector General Phong warmly welcomed the Cambodian delegation and expressed his appreciation for their visit, marking a significant step in strengthening the ties between Vietnam and Cambodia.

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