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Prime Minister Highlights Human Capital as Cornerstone of Development

PHNOM PENH, June 5, 2024 - Prime Minister Hun Manet of Cambodia has highlighted the critical role of human capital in national development. Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the 2023 session and the inauguration of the 2024 training course at the Royal School of Administration on June 10, 2024, the Prime Minister celebrated the progress in human resource development.

According to the Prime Minister, high-quality human capital is essential for all aspects of development. He stressed that without a skilled workforce that combines both technical and soft skills, and maintains a strong work ethic, quality, efficiency, and productivity across all sectors could not be achieved.

Prime Minister Hun Manet underscored that human resources are pivotal in constructing a modern and robust Cambodian society through a market economy. Leadership in economic development, he noted, is guided by market economy principles and aims to cater to the needs of all citizens, ensuring they can fully control their destinies and actively participate in socio-economic development.

He lauded the Royal School of Administration for its contributions to public sector training, emphasizing the integration of knowledge, innovation, and excellence in public administration. These efforts are in line with the government's policies for the 7th legislature of the National Assembly, which include a focus on social activities and community development.

Celebrating the school's past accomplishments, Prime Minister Hun Manet expressed gratitude for the dedicated efforts that have led to significant achievements in training civil servants and enriching their professional skills. He encouraged the new batch of 2024 trainees to maximize the opportunities provided to enhance their capabilities.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister also urged the staff and students of the Royal School of Administration to apply their knowledge practically, contributing effectively to their respective ministries and local government institutions, aiming to secure further achievements for the nation and its people.

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