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Economic Ties Pave the Way for US-Cambodian Political Cooperation

Phnom Penh, June 4, 2024: Cambodia's Senate President, Hun Sen, emphasized the pivotal role of economic ties in fostering robust political relations during a meeting with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd James Austin III today.

The discussions unfolded as part of Secretary Austin's official visit to Cambodia, with the rendezvous taking place at the Senate headquarters this morning. Hun Sen articulated that the burgeoning economic and trade collaborations between the two nations would inevitably bolster their political alliance.

"The strengthening of economic and trade relations will inherently fortify our political landscape," remarked Senate President Hun Sen during the dialogue.

Secretary Austin echoed these sentiments, expressing keen interest in enhancing economic cooperation and investment endeavors in Cambodia, aligning closely with Hun Sen's vision for the future bilateral ties.

The exchange of perspectives during the meeting underscored a positive trajectory in Cambodia-US relations, signaling a departure from historical trust deficits and misunderstandings due to limited communication channels.

Acknowledging past assistance from the United States across various domains, President Hun Sen underscored the imperative of surmounting existing barriers to foster more effective collaboration.

Both leaders concurred on the necessity of sustained dialogue to chart a new course for bilateral relations, emphasizing the importance of transparency and trust-building measures, particularly in defense cooperation.

Secretary Austin commended Prime Minister Hun Manet's proactive stance in fortifying defense ties and pledged to facilitate educational exchanges, military dialogues, joint disaster relief efforts, demining initiatives, and defense dialogues to mitigate differences and instill mutual confidence.

In endorsing the upcoming dialogue initiatives, Senate President Hun Sen emphasized the indispensable role of communication in dispelling suspicions and rejuvenating trust between the two nations.

As Cambodia and the United States embark on this trajectory of enhanced collaboration, the emphasis on economic integration as a catalyst for political goodwill marks a promising juncture in their bilateral relations.

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