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Cambodian Agricultural Enterprises Shine at THAIFLEX-Anuga Asia 2024

PHNOM PENH, June 4, 2024 – Cambodian agricultural and food processing companies made a significant impact at the THAIFLEX-Anuga Asia 2024 trade show in Bangkok, Thailand. This event, which ran from May 28 to June 1, showcased the diversity and quality of Cambodian products to a regional and global audience, as part of the Cambodia Export Development Programme's (CEDP) strategy to enhance the country's presence in the international food and beverage market.

With support from the CEDP, six prominent Cambodian companies in sectors including the F&B industry, fish food, spices, organic peppercorns, nuts, and ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat meals were presented to international buyers. Participants included Unica Enterprise, Ringacam Enterprise, New Idea Enterprise, PPF Yummy Food Manufacturing, Sovannak Mujin Agro, and Mondulkiri Organic Pepper Agricultural.

Mr. Van Vannal, Executive Director of the Cambodia Pepper and Spices Federation (CPSF), emphasized the importance of collaboration in these endeavors. “This team effort is essential for laying a strong foundation for success. By pooling the expertise and resources of industry stakeholders, we have maximized the impact of Cambodia’s presence at the event and ensured that our products remain competitive while gaining valuable market insights,” he remarked.

The event was highly successful, with the Cambodian pavilion drawing considerable attention from international buyers and consumers, thus reinforcing Cambodia's emerging status in the global agri-food market.

This success was further supported by various organizations, including the ADMIT GROUP, CPSF, and Puzzle Solution Co., Ltd. These collaborations helped elevate Cambodia's visibility and effectiveness at the trade show.

Puzzle Solution Co., Ltd., known for its export compliance expertise, provided crucial guidance on navigating the complexities of cross-border transactions. “Our support at THAIFLEX-Anuga Asia 2024 ensured that Cambodian exhibitors could engage smoothly with international buyers,” said CEO Mrs. Tum Charya. “We provided insights into trade regulations, customs procedures, and payment logistics, playing a key role in facilitating successful outcomes for our national companies.”

This event not only showcased the quality and innovation of Cambodian agricultural products but also opened doors for producers to expand their reach in international markets.

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