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Golden Gate American School Celebrates Family Day 2024, Honoring Parents and Supporting Rural Education

Phnom Penh: Golden Gate American School (GGAS) celebrated its annual Family Day on June 1-2, 2024, with a series of events that brought together parents, students, and staff. This year’s celebration aimed to honor parents and support educational initiatives for rural students in Cambodia.

Caitlin Hurly, Head of IB Sections at GGAS, highlighted the dual purpose of the event, stating, "Family day at Golden gate American school is a great opportunity for all students to give back to their parents within their appreciation for all the hard work they've done to put them in our school and also to prepare them for the future so we also donating the money that we bring today to help build another school in Cambodia to help under educate the people because it's all schools mission to improve education in the whole of Cambodia."

The funds raised will go towards supporting students and constructing school buildings and offices at Samaki Preah Athit Primary School in Mean Rith Commune, Sandan District, Kampong Thom Province.

The two-day event was marked by vibrant traditional Khmer dance performances by GGAS students, piggy bank painting, and special acts of respect from children to their parents. These activities not only entertained but also emphasized the cultural heritage and values of gratitude and respect.

Ms. Meas Sophary, a parent, expressed her joy, saying, "I am very happy that this program was created. It is every parent's goal to see their child understand gratitude and love."

Similarly, Ms. Lam Davin shared her excitement, "I am very excited! Seeing him salute and give flowers here is an unimaginable joy."

Throughout the event, children were invited to the podium to express their gratitude to their parents, displaying remarkable courage and sincerity.

GGAS student Nalina Cocolin, a Grade 10 student, shared, "I feel great being here because I want to show respect to my parents. Doing this makes me very happy."

The dance performances were a highlight, with parents beaming as they watched their children perform routines they had practiced for weeks.

Khonnidavachanmoneyroth, a Grade 7 student, commented, “It was really hard at first because the outfit was tight, but it got easier in the end. I feel really happy because we practiced for three weeks and finally got to perform on stage.”

Vadhanak added, "I was a bit nervous, but felt calm and happy once the performance ended."

Mean Sovankannitha, a 9-year-old student, mentioned, "This is my third time participating, and I want to join again next year."

Ms. Oun Sophat, the teacher leading the performance, emphasized the importance of including Khmer traditional dance in the program to foster students' appreciation for their cultural heritage. "Their eagerness to participate made training easy. They are passionate about embracing our Cambodian culture."

GGAS's annual Family Day creates a joyful and friendly atmosphere for students, parents, and teachers, reflecting the trust in GGAS's education system. Students at GGAS not only receive a quality education but also learn to uphold moral values and courage in their lives.

Nalina Cocolin expressed heartfelt gratitude to her parents, saying, "There are a lot of things I want to say to my parents but most importantly, I want to thank them so much for the love they give me, the shelter, the food, the house—everything. So thank you to my mom and my dad, thank you so much."

Family Day at GGAS continues to strengthen the bond between students, parents, and the school community, promoting educational and moral growth.

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