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Hun Sen to Lead Senate Committee Meeting to Address Key Legislative Matters

PHNOM PENH, May 31, 2024 – Hun Sen, President of the Senate, is set to preside over a Senate Standing Committee meeting today, where multiple critical issues will be addressed.

Scheduled by the General Secretariat of the Senate, today’s meeting will cover four primary agenda items aimed at strengthening Cambodia's international and inter-parliamentary relations:

Formation of Senate Friendship Groups: The committee will examine proposals for establishing Senate Friendship Groups between the Kingdom of Cambodia and the legislative bodies of various allied countries. These groups are intended to enhance diplomatic ties and facilitate mutual cooperation on international matters.

 Inter-Parliamentary Organization Representation: The meeting will also focus on selecting and appointing senators who will represent Cambodia in its dealings with the Inter-Parliamentary Organization. This decision is crucial as it will determine the representatives who will participate in dialogues and initiatives that impact global parliamentary standards and practices.

Cooperation with the National Assembly: Another significant agenda item is the discussion on the appointment of a group of senators prepared to collaborate with the National Assembly. These senators will participate in joint meetings of the Inter-Parliamentary Organization, representing Cambodia’s interests in a unified manner.

Additional Issues: Lastly, the committee will address other miscellaneous issues that impact the functioning and responsibilities of the Senate, ensuring that all legislative activities align with national and international expectations.

This session underscores the active role that the Cambodian Senate plays in not only shaping national legislation but also in contributing to international legislative practices. It reflects the Senate's commitment to proactive governance and diplomacy.

The outcomes of this meeting are expected to influence Cambodia’s legislative interactions both domestically and internationally, marking significant steps in its parliamentary activities.

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