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Over 700 Personnel Participate in Cambodian-Chinese First Joint Naval Anti-Terrorism Drill

PHNOM PENH, May 27, 2024 — The navies of Cambodia and China have launched their inaugural joint naval exercise, marking a significant step in military collaboration between the two nations. The exercise is taking place off the coast of Preah Sihanouk province in Cambodia.

According to Royal Cambodian Armed Forces spokesperson, Major General Thong Solimo, the 12-day military exercise, which commenced on May 16, is a strategic initiative to exchange expertise and enhance operational cooperation at sea.

The exercise, named Golden Dragon Naval Exercise 2024, involves a combined force of 782 naval personnel from both countries, utilizing 14 ships and two helicopters. The primary scenario involves complex hostage rescue operations from a cargo ship seized by terrorists, aiming to simulate real-world response capabilities to maritime threats.

"The joint exercise not only aims to strengthen the ties and build mutual trust between our two navies but also to enhance our collective capabilities in dealing with non-traditional security threats such as piracy and terrorism at sea," Major General Solimo explained.

He further emphasized that such drills are crucial for promoting regional peace and stability and are part of a broader commitment to secure maritime routes which are vital for international trade and security.

"The training exercises include tactical maneuvers, medical evacuation procedures, and live-fire drills, designed to improve coordination and readiness in crisis situations," Solimo added.

The spokesperson also highlighted the significance of this drill in the context of the broader security challenges facing the region, noting that the exercise will contribute significantly to enhancing the naval maneuvering capacities and operational readiness of both countries for regional peacekeeping.

This first joint exercise signifies a deepening of military ties between Cambodia and China, reflecting a mutual interest in securing peace and stability in the Southeast Asian region.


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