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President of the Senate: I Want Independence for the Cambodian People

Phnom Penh, 16 May 2024 – President of the Senate Hun Sen stated that the Funan Techo Canal represents "the independence of Cambodia," which is not subject to any natural or political influences from other countries.

In a special message on May 16, 2024, Hun Sen urged all Cambodians to look beyond the economic benefits and consider the political independence in transportation that the canal will provide.

"I want independence for the Cambodian people, with the freedom to conduct business and engage in international relations through the Funan Techo Canal," he said.

According to Hun Sen, the Funan Techo Canal is not just an important waterway; it can also create an irrigation system and greenery in northeastern Cambodia through increased cultivation and tree planting. Additionally, once the canal is operational, the tourism sector in northeastern Cambodia is expected to flourish, earning the region the title of "rising star of the northeast."

Hun Sen emphasized that the Funan Techo Canal project will help mitigate flooding during the rainy season in Cambodia and neighboring countries. He also stressed that Cambodia is not foolish enough to draw saltwater and dama

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