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Hun Manet Press Is The Fourth Power That, If Used Properly, Is Important For The Development Of The Nation

Phnom Penh, 06 May, 2024: Prime Minister Hun Manet of the Kingdom of Cambodia, alongside Lok Chumteav Dr. Pech Chanmony Hun Manet, presided over the 6th Meeting with Cambodian Journalists 2024 at the Koh Pich Convention and Exhibition Center.

In his address during the ceremony, the Prime Minister extended congratulations to Cambodian journalists and their counterparts worldwide on the occasion of "World Press Freedom Day" celebrated on May 3rd. This year marked the 31st anniversary of the event, themed "Journalism for the Earth: Journalism in a State of Environmental Crisis," urging concerted efforts to address environmental issues. With 2024 designated as a pivotal year for collective action towards achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Prime Minister emphasized the urgency of combatting climate change, biodiversity loss, and air pollution, which pose significant risks to 85% of the population in the region. Acknowledging the media's pivotal role, he underscored the importance of journalistic involvement in addressing and preventing these environmental challenges.

Furthermore, Hun Manet noted the expanding space for press freedom in Cambodia, indicating a positive trend towards maintaining order and fostering an environment conducive to free expression. Amidst the rapid proliferation of digital media, the Prime Minister highlighted the government's commitment to facilitating media operations, thereby enabling journalists, press units, associations, and foreign news agencies to operate more seamlessly within the Kingdom. Citing statistics from the Ministry of Information, he revealed that Cambodia boasts approximately 10,000 journalists and over 2,000 media outlets.

Emphasizing the press as the fourth estate, Prime Minister Hun Manet underscored its pivotal role in fostering national development, preserving peace and stability, and empowering citizens to participate in governance. He reiterated the government's unwavering commitment to upholding press freedoms enshrined in the Constitution, thereby enabling journalists to fulfill their critical role more effectively. Stressing the importance of ethical journalism, he urged adherence to professional standards to ensure accurate and responsible reporting. The Prime Minister also called for collective efforts in combating misinformation, which undermines societal harmony and national unity.

Concluding his remarks, Prime Minister Hun Manet commended the Ministry of Information for its role in promoting responsible and professional journalism, facilitating the dissemination of accurate information nationally and internationally. He expressed gratitude to all journalists, both in the public and private sectors, for their active engagement in conveying information from the government to the people and vice versa, thus contributing to social cohesion, peace, and development.

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