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Prime Minister Hun Manet Cites Government Leadership in Maintaining Cambodia's Stability and Growth

PHNOM PENH, April 29, 2024 — During a gathering with over 5,000 leaders from various professional organizations on April 28, Prime Minister Hun Manet highlighted the effective governance and policies of successive Cambodian governments as pivotal in maintaining national peace and fostering economic and social development.

Hun Manet pointed out that the consistent and prudent leadership by the Royal Government has not only preserved peace and political stability but also bolstered the macroeconomic landscape, enhanced human resources, and nurtured a pro-investment climate. These efforts have facilitated environmental initiatives and fostered strong ties with the populace, including formal and informal workers, setting a solid foundation for swift advancement across all sectors.

The Prime Minister emphasized that such progress is instrumental in improving the living standards, incomes, and rights of Cambodians, especially workers. It has also expanded access to social protections, educational opportunities, and a broader range of professional and employment possibilities both at home and abroad.

In his seventh term, Hun Manet noted that the government continues to act as a mediator between employers and workers to enhance workplace harmony. This includes improving working conditions, expanding rights and freedoms, integrating benefits from the social security system, and strengthening mechanisms to prevent and resolve labor disputes, thereby enhancing professional relationships across workplaces.

Hun Manet also urged business owners, managers, employees, and unions to engage more actively in upholding the law and embracing a culture of legal compliance. He called for efforts to deepen understanding of labor laws to ensure transparent and responsible protection of legal rights and interests. Additionally, he stressed the importance of participation in labor, social security, and vocational training programs, and encouraged viewing workplaces as shared environments that benefit both workers and employers.

On a final note, the Prime Minister expressed gratitude to supporters of the Funan Techo canal project, an initiative originally proposed by Hun Sen, former Prime Minister and current President of the Senate. Hun Manet reaffirmed his commitment to advancing this significant infrastructural endeavor under any circumstances.

He also appealed to all citizens, regardless of religious or political affiliations, to unite in a spirit of nationalism to realize this historic project for the future benefit of all Cambodians.

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