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Cambodian Farmers Receive Crucial Aid for Dry Season Rice Cultivation

Phnom Penh, April 19, 2024 – In a concerted effort led by the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, Cambodian farmers facing severe water shortages have been provided essential support. This initiative, a part of the Royal Government's commitment to agriculture, involves the Department of Irrigation, Agriculture and the cooperation with the Department of Water Resources and Meteorology of Prey Veng Province, alongside sub-national administrations and local authorities.

The intervention aimed to alleviate the challenges of the dry season by deploying portable water pumps and heavy machinery. These tools have been crucial in pumping water and digging canals to ensure the survival of rice crops in areas hardest hit by the water scarcity.

From April 1 to April 18, 2024, efforts were focused on Prek Ta Tam, Sangkat Kampong Leav, and Sangkat Cheung Teuk in Prey Veng City, Prey Veng Province. The intervention involved six mobile pump units working alternately to transport water from Prek Ta Tam. This operation successfully irrigated about 800 hectares of paddy fields across five villages: Cheung Teuk (A), Cheung Teuk (B), Kampong Atong, Svay Sokho, and Ek Ream village in Sangkat Cheung Teuk, achieving a 100% success rate.

Additionally, from March 23 to April 12, 2024, a significant rehabilitation project was completed on the 3,000-meter-long Bridge No. 2. This project was designed to draw water from a nearby reservoir to sustain 447 hectares of dry rice in Baray Lech village, Baray commune, Prey Veng city, also reaching a 100% success rate.

These initiatives reflect the government's ongoing commitment to supporting its agricultural sector and ensuring food security amidst challenging climatic conditions.

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