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Senate President Hun Sen meets with Mr. Pierre Tami (Sen Seila)

April 19, 2024, Phnom Penh – In a notable meeting symbolizing enduring relationships and continuous development, Senate President Hun Sen received Mr. Pierre Tami, also known by his Khmer name Sen Seila, this Friday morning at the Senate building in Phnom Penh. Mr. Tami, a well-known social entrepreneur, has significantly contributed to Cambodian society, earning recognition from Hun Sen during his tenure as Prime Minister.

In their amicable discussion, Hun Sen expressed appreciation for the longstanding partnership with Mr. Tami, who he first met in 1997. Recalling their last encounter in 2022 in Davos, Switzerland, Hun Sen welcomed Mr. Tami, whose efforts have left indelible marks on Cambodia's social fabric.

Mr. Tami extended his gratitude for the warm reception and congratulated Hun Sen on his election as President of the Senate. Reflecting on their first meeting in Kampong Som and acknowledging the country's historical progress, Mr. Tami emphasized Hun Sen's instrumental role in ushering Cambodia into a new developmental epoch.

Delighted by the opportunity to collaborate with Cambodia's youthful leadership, Mr. Tami mentioned his fruitful engagement with dynamic figures like Deputy Prime Minister Hun Many in sectors including hospitality and high-tech food production. He expressed admiration for Cambodia's investment in human capital, noting that the youth are spearheading scientific and technological advancements.

Highlighting Cambodia's transition to a knowledge and skill-based economy, Mr. Tami underscored the country's trajectory towards achieving its 2030 high-middle-income goal. While leadership transitions to a new generation, Mr. Tami reiterated the importance of Hun Sen's guidance and expressed his desire to continue serving the nation under Hun Sen's auspices.

Hun Sen reflected on the enduring peace and stability since 1998, attributing these achievements to the unwavering dedication of Cambodia's leaders. He noted the smooth functioning of the new cabinet and the strategic emphasis on vocational training for Cambodian youth.

In a gesture of ongoing collaboration, Hun Sen voiced his support for Mr. Tami's work in hospitality training and proposed his nomination as an advisor to the Senate President, affirming the value of such expertise in Cambodia's future.

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