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Cambodia Focuses on Advancing Human Resources in Military

April 19, 2024, Phnom Penh – In a push to advance Cambodia’s military capabilities, Prime Minister Hun Manet has announced the Royal Government's commitment to enhancing human resources within the military sector. The statement came during the unveiling of recent achievements at the National Defence University of Cambodia.

The Prime Minister underscored the vital role of human resources development in strengthening the country’s defence. He stressed the need for armed forces personnel to enhance strategic capabilities beyond traditional military skills, encompassing areas such as development, international relations, and communications.

The initiative is part of a broader government strategy to bolster national security. According to Hun Manet, the National Defence University is set to evolve into a hub of military education and policy development, serving not only military officials but also senior leaders from various governmental agencies.

This move reflects Cambodia's effort to position its military forces effectively in the face of evolving global security landscapes and to contribute meaningfully to the nation’s overall progress.

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