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Cambodia Launches Pioneering Dairy Farm to Boost Local Agriculture

Phnom Penh, April 11, 2024 – Today marked a significant milestone in Cambodia's agricultural sector with the inauguration of the country's first and largest standard dairy farm, Kirisu. The ceremony was presided over by Prime Minister Hun Manet in Takeo province's Bati district, signaling a leap forward for local agribusiness.

Developed by Khmer Fresh Milk Co., Ltd., the Kirisu farm is situated in the verdant village of Aopheasang. The Prime Minister lauded the company's efforts and recognized this venture as a notable addition to Takeo province's array of local products, which include the famed egg balut.

In his address, the Prime Minister commended Khmer Fresh Milk for its pioneering investment and encouraged the enhancement of the dairy production chain. He also called on the broader private sector to invest in agro-farming across the nation.

Emphasizing modernization in agriculture, Prime Minister Manet appealed to the Cambodian populace to adopt advanced farming practices and improve their agrotechnology proficiencies.

Agriculture Minister Dith Tina noted that Kirisu joins the ranks of four dairy farms operating within Cambodia, cumulatively hosting approximately 1,200 dairy cattle and yielding around 13,000 liters of fresh milk daily. These farms collectively meet 17 percent of the country’s annual dairy demand, which amounts to about 300,000 liters per year.

Prime Minister Manet underscored the significant reduction in dairy imports this could herald for Cambodia, which currently spends approximately $734 million on nearly 98,000 tonnes of fresh milk each year.

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