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Senate President Urges Cease to Defamation Against Cambodia Regarding China

Phnom Penh, April 9, 2024: Senate President Hun Sen has issued a call for an end to the defamation of Cambodia concerning its relationship with China, particularly regarding the Ream Naval Base and the Techo Funan Canal.

President Hun Sen took to social media on Tuesday, April 9, 2024, to address recent false allegations surrounding the presence of Chinese troops at Ream Naval Base and the purported strategic implications of the Techo Funan Canal. He questioned the necessity of Chinese troops in Cambodia and emphasized the country's commitment to upholding its constitution, which prohibits the establishment of foreign military bases on Cambodian soil.

Highlighting constitutional provisions safeguarding Cambodia's sovereignty, President Hun Sen reaffirmed the nation's stance on preserving its independence and territorial integrity. He emphasized that any agreement or treaty contradicting these fundamental principles would be nullified.

Regarding the Techo Funan Canal, President Hun Sen clarified its intended purpose solely for socio-economic development. He outlined the canal's benefits, including enhancing water transport infrastructure in southwestern Cambodia, aiding agricultural activities, and bolstering freshwater fish production. He emphasized that the canal's construction adheres to international agreements, such as the 1995 Mekong Agreement, and does not directly impact the flow of the Mekong River.

President Hun Sen urged against baseless accusations aimed at tarnishing Cambodia's reputation and undermining its sovereignty in alignment with geopolitical agendas. He asserted Cambodia's commitment to its national interests and called for mutual respect in international relations.

He Adds: "We call on you not to slander us in order to oppose China in accordance with the geopolitical strategy. We also think of our national interests just as you do, and it does not mean that your brains are better than us. Fortunately, you were born in a rich country and we were born in a poor country. That’s why you look down on us".

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