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KSI Strategic Institute to Host Prestigious International Summits in Cambodia

Phnom Penh, April 8, 2024: The KSI Strategic Institute has announced plans to host two major international events in Cambodia this year, aiming to spotlight the nation's investment potential on the global stage. The events include the Global Chinese Economic & Technology Summit (GCET) 2024 and the Asia Economic & Entrepreneurship Summit (AEES) 2024.

Tan Sri Michael Yeoh, President of the KSI Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific, revealed the plans during a visit to Prime Minister Hun Manet at the Peace Palace in Phnom Penh. Yeoh emphasized that these summits present significant opportunities to draw ASEAN and global investors' attention to Cambodia's burgeoning investment landscape.

In addition to discussing the upcoming summits, Yeoh shared his vision for broadening investments in Cambodia, with a keen interest in sectors such as agriculture, biomass, financial technology, and digital initiatives. Plans for establishing the World Digital Chamber and the ASEAN Economic Club in Cambodia were also highlighted.

Prime Minister Hun Manet expressed his support for hosting the summits in Cambodia and suggested that the KSI Strategic Institute engage in further discussions with relevant Cambodian ministries and institutions to ensure the events' success. He also graciously accepted an invitation to preside over and deliver keynote addresses at both summits.

In response to the focus on financial technology and the digital sector, Hun Manet pointed out the efforts of the National Bank of Cambodia, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, and other key entities in fostering technological development to seamlessly integrate the Cambodian economy into the digital age.

The Prime Minister underscored the government's recent initiatives, such as the formation of a Trade Policy Advisory Board, to enhance the effectiveness of trade policy implementation. He also invited the KSI Strategic Institute to contribute insights and suggestions.

Furthermore, Hun Manet reiterated the government's dedication to preserving peace, political stability, and an attractive investment climate. He also emphasized the commitment to developing strategic trade plans within bilateral and multilateral frameworks to secure opportunities and sustain Cambodia's competitive edge in both the regional and global markets.

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