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Legoland Malaysia Unveils Majestic Angkor Wat Replica Crafted from Over a Million Lego Bricks

Phnom Penh, April 4, 2024: Legoland Malaysia has proudly unveiled a stunning Lego replica of the iconic Angkor Wat temple, captivating both children and tourists with its detailed craftsmanship and educational appeal. Created from over one million Lego bricks and the result of more than 2,000 hours of meticulous construction, this model stands as a tribute to one of the world’s architectural wonders, bringing the history and culture of Cambodia to life in vibrant, playful bricks.

Angkor Wat, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, holds the title of the largest religious monument globally. Crafted in the 12th century by the Khmer Empire and initially dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu, this temple embodies a vast complex of towers, galleries, and courtyards, each adorned with elaborate carvings and sculptures narrating tales from Hindu mythology.

Nestled within the Lego City zone at Legoland Malaysia, the Lego Angkor Wat is ensconced among other Lego renditions of celebrated international landmarks. This homage to Cambodia's treasured temple not only serves as a prime spot for memorable photographs but also offers an engaging and tactile way for visitors to delve into the splendors of the Angkor Wat temple.

Legoland Malaysia invites guests of all ages to explore the marvels of ancient civilizations through this interactive exhibit, bridging the marvels of the past with the imaginative play of the present.

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