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Prime Minister Hun Manet Highlights Landmine Threats on International Day of Mine Awareness

Phnom Penh, April 4, 2024: On the occasion of the International Day of Mine Awareness, Prime Minister Hun Manet issued a poignant message, underlining the grave threat that landmines pose to innocent lives and the obstruction they present to socio-economic development. The commemoration, held on April 4, 2024, carried the theme "Protecting Life, Building Peace," aiming to heighten global awareness of the dangers posed by landmines and explosive remnants of war.

Prime Minister Manet stressed the incalculable pain and loss of life caused by landmines, advocating for demining efforts as critical to laying down the groundwork for future development. He extended heartfelt tribute to the individuals and organizations tirelessly working towards mine action and the rescue of victims, emphasizing their role in safeguarding global safety and prosperity.

"This International Day reaffirms our collective commitment to a world free of landmines, addressing the challenges they pose and turning our vision for a safe future into reality," stated Prime Minister Manet. He underscored the importance of ensuring that future generations can live without the fear of landmines and explosive war remnants, emphasizing safety and dignity.

As the 2024 President of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use of Anti-Personnel Mines (Ottawa Convention), Prime Minister Manet called upon the international community to unite in efforts to eliminate the threats posed by landmines. He highlighted the critical role of mine action in promoting peace, security, and sustainable development worldwide.

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