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Cambodia and Ukraine Forge Closer Ties in Mine-Clearing Efforts

Phnom Penh, April 3, 2024 – Minister Ly Thuch facilitated a significant meeting with a delegation from Ukraine to discuss advancements in mining activities, at the Mines Authority headquarters in Phnom Penh. Representing Prime Minister Hun Manet, Chief of the Mines Authorities, Minister Thuch, who also serves as the First Deputy Minister of the Mines, welcomed the Ukrainian delegation led by Deputy Minister of the Interior Bogdan Drapiaty and Deputy Minister of Finance Ihor Bezkaravainyi. The meeting aimed to explore further cooperation in the field of humanitarian mining activities.

The delegation’s visit, underscored by the attendance of Oleksandr Gaman, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Cambodia, along with representatives from the Japanese Embassy, the SIMAC Unit, and Special Officers from the State Service Unit in Emergency for Ukraine (SESU), highlights the international collaborative efforts in addressing the challenges posed by landmines.

During the discussions, Deputy Minister Bogdan Drapiaty expressed gratitude towards Cambodia for its support in training Ukrainian officers on mine-clearing equipment technology, a gesture that has yielded successful outcomes. The Ukrainian delegation’s objective to learn from Cambodia’s experience in landmine management, particularly focusing on national unification, peacebuilding, and post-war development policies, reflects a shared commitment to overcoming the remnants of conflict.

Minister Thuch warmly welcomed the Ukrainian experts, highlighting Cambodia’s journey from a country marred by decades of war to one that stands as a beacon of national unity and peace. He attributed Cambodia’s success in mine-clearance to the visionary leadership of the government, the invaluable support from international partners, and the establishment of the Mines Authority, which coordinates national policy and daily operations in the mining sector.

Furthermore, Minister Thuch extended an invitation to the Ukrainian government to participate in the Siem Reap Summit on a World Without Mines, scheduled for November 2024. This event represents a significant step towards global solidarity and action in mine clearance. Sharing Cambodia’s experiences, including victim rescue operations, Thuch assured continued support for Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of humanitarian mining activities.

This meeting between Cambodian and Ukrainian officials not only strengthens the bonds between the two countries but also underscores the global imperative to address the dangers of landmines, paving the way for safer, more secure communities around the world.

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