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Skyfest 2.0 International Kite Launching Event 2024 went smoothly with kite flying from 6 countries including Cambodia's Traditional kite in Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville: Skyfest 2.0 International Kite Launching Event 2024 was held for two days, the opening ceremony was announced on March 29, 2024 under the chairmanship of Mr. Ny Phally, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Tourism and Mr. Long Dimanche, Deputy Governor Preah Sihanouk Province is located in Ong Village, Ream Commune, Prey Nob District, Preah Sihanouk Province.

Edward Lee, Managing Director of Belt Road Capital Management, said at the event that Sihanoukville is one of Cambodia's strategic provinces in terms of economy, logistics and tourism. And with the recent special investment program of the government under the leadership of Prime Minister Hun Manet, we firmly believe that it will attract both domestic and foreign investment to the city and take Sihanoukville to the next level in a short time. In addition, with Canopysands's huge global investment in the Bay of Lights project, this will not only make Sihanoukville a strategic city for Cambodia, but also for the region as a whole in the future.

Mr. Long Dimanche said that in order to support the economic, social and tourism sectors to develop with quality and sustainability, the Sihanoukville Provincial Administration has been paying attention to the development and rehabilitation of physical infrastructure to improve the cleaniness of the beaches, electricity, solid waste management, public toilets, park arrangements, tourist ports and standardized tourism services. Especially strengthening the management of public safety, public order and bus services, including promoting a clean city, clean beaches, and along the coast to be more a pleasing environment.

He praised the opening ceremony of "Skyfest Cambodia 2024" in the tourism development area, while Sihanoukville is organizing a tourism and trade fair under the theme "Tourism provides opportunities for all". In order to strengthen cooperation, investment, trade, development and promotion of tourism services of the economic corridors of the coastal provinces of the three countries, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. And the initiative to organize this event to create attractive tourism and provide entertainment and share new experiences in the Kingdom of Cambodia as a whole and Sihanoukville.

Mr. Ny Phally thanked the private sector companies that always cooperate with the Ministry of Tourism as well as the Sihanoukville Provincial Administration to promote tourism in Cambodia, especially in the coastal provinces of Cambodia, which has been named a staring star in the southwest. On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism, he thanked the national and international institutions, especially the Sihanoukville Provincial Administration, for supporting and continuing to support of organizing important new events to attract national, international visitors and investment.

He added that with the attention of the Royal Government, the 7th legislature has continued to identify tourism as a priority sector in the "Pentagon Strategy Phase 1". The second pentagon emphasizes the need for economic diversification, increasing competitiveness and the goal of Cambodia's tourism sector in the first point under section 5 is to Develop cultural and nature tourism by adding green, clean and smart tourism, promoting the development of new value-added tourism attraction and business investment by improving implementation as well as developing and formulating policies. Also in this spectacular event, six countries participated in the kite show, were Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

Mr. Pongtorn Tangmanuswong, President and Country Manager of Chevron Cambodia Limited, was pleased to witness the opening ceremony of Skyfest 2.0 2024. On behalf of Chevron, they were honored to be one of the major sponsors of this event, which attract over 20,000 visitors and more through other media outlet.

He once again thanked all government officials, Canopysands, Prince Holding, business partners and Chevron colleagues for making this great event happen.

David, Director of Bay of life, expressed his pleasure and pride to be at the opening of the 2nd International Kite Festival and to be held here. Just over a year ago, this place was just a dream waiting for a flight. Nevertheless, through the efforts of our team and the invaluable support of our sponsors and business partners, we have turned this dream into a vivid reality.

He expressed his deep gratitude to the sponsors for his unwavering commitment and generosity. Bring this festival to life, Belief in the vision had made the event go smoothly, but also helped us bring the beauty and richness of the culture of Sihanoukville to the world. he thank the esteemed business partners, for their cooperation and sharing of joy, skills, resources and tireless efforts that have played a vital role in making Bay of Lights a successful destination for local, domestic and foreign tourists.

He said: " Together, we have created an experience that captivates the imagination and leaves a lasting impression on our visitors".

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