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King Norodom Sihamoni Highlights Senate's Role in Cambodia's Political Stability

Phnom Penh, April 3, 2024 – In an address during the inaugural session of Cambodia's 5th Legislature Senate, King Norodom Sihamoni underscored the critical role of good governance and the rule of law in the nation's progress. Amidst the presence of key political figures, including Prime Minister Hun Manet and leaders from the National Assembly, the King highlighted the Senate's instrumental role in maintaining peace, independence, and political stability.

The ceremony, marking a pivotal moment following the February 25 elections, celebrated the collective responsibility of the new Senate members to uphold efficiency, accountability, and to contribute towards balancing state powers. The King emphasized the Senate's duty to safeguard Cambodia's constitutional monarchy, territorial integrity, and to foster national unity.

Reflecting on the Senate's past accomplishments under the leadership of figures such as Chea Sim and Say Chhum, King Sihamoni praised its effective operation and political maturity. He noted the Senate's success in promoting political stability, respecting the rule of law, and spearheading crucial reforms in decentralization and deconcentration that bridge state power to grassroots levels.

In the realm of international cooperation, the King acknowledged the Senate's active role in fostering bilateral and multilateral relations, enhancing Cambodia's stature on the global stage. He also stressed the importance of legislative work in alignment with the Constitution and the preservation of cultural values, traditions, and environmental sustainability as fundamental to national development.

Urging the 5th Legislature to actively participate in democracy and socialization at both national and local levels, King Sihamoni called for enhanced public service delivery, environmental development, and social justice. He highlighted the importance of respect for individual rights, freedoms, and dignity in improving quality of life and ensuring long-term societal harmony.

In a broader context, the King lauded the Seventh Legislature of the National Assembly for its continued commitment to governance and service to the nation, underlining the essence of multi-party democracy and national reconciliation for Cambodia's prosperity.

King Sihamoni's message was clear: the Senate's dedication to governance, accountability, and social justice is vital for Cambodia's continued progress and stability. He concluded his speech with well-wishes for all attendees, invoking blessings for prosperity and peace, reinforcing the monarchy's supportive role in Cambodia's democratic journey and national development.

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