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Hun Sen: Only Indra Has the Right to Judge My Life

Phnom Penh: In a solemn farewell address at the National Assembly, Hun Sen, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the King, bid adieu as he transitions to his new role in the Senate. Delivering a poignant 20-minute speech, the former Prime Minister reflected on his decades-long journey in Cambodian politics, asserting that the trajectory of his life is solely determined by Indra.

Expressing gratitude to the members of the National Assembly spanning from its inception in 1981 to the present, Hun Sen acknowledged their unwavering support for his policies throughout the years. With nearly half a century spent as a parliamentarian, he reflected on the profound impact of his tenure.

In a notable remark alluding to his enduring influence on Cambodian politics, Hun Sen asserted, "Only Indra has the right to determine the length of my life. Yom Reach, the god of death, holds no sway over me."

Hun Sen's political career spans an impressive timeline, commencing as a Member of Parliament from June 1981 to May 1993, followed by his enduring leadership in the Kingdom of Cambodia from June 14, 1993, until April 2, 2024, totaling 43 years of dedicated service.

As Hun Sen embarks on a new chapter in the Senate, his profound reflection on the sovereignty of his fate underscores the indelible mark he leaves on Cambodia's political landscape.

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