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Cambodia Plans to Submit "Cambodian Songkran" to UNESCO in 2025

Pursat: Prime Minister Hun Manet of Cambodia has announced plans to submit "Cambodian Songkran" to UNESCO by 2025. The decision was revealed during the inauguration of the stupa at Moniratanarama Pagoda in Pursat City, Pursat Province, on Sunday morning, March 31, 2024.

PM Hun Manet emphasized that "Songkran" is not exclusive to Thailand but is also celebrated in Cambodia, Laos, and other countries in the region. He urged the Minister of Culture to prepare the necessary documentation for UNESCO's consideration, aiming for World Heritage status.

Addressing concerns about the recognition of "Songkran" in Thailand, the Prime Minister reassured the public that Cambodia has a rich cultural heritage, including its own version of the celebration. He encouraged the continued use of the term "Sangkran" during the New Year season.

"The word 'Sangkran' is celebrated in Cambodia; we still celebrate it," stated the Prime Minister.

Highlighting Cambodia's efforts to preserve its cultural heritage over the past three decades, PM Hun Manet disclosed plans to register additional cultural properties, such as Khmer weddings, traditional clothing and krama.

The initiative underscores the Cambodian government's commitment to safeguarding and promoting the cultural identity of the Khmer nation.

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