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Hun Sen Voices Concern Over Geopolitical Influence on Global Economy

Hainan, March 28, 2024 - In an address at the Boao Forum held in China's Hainan Province, Hun Sen, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the King, shared his apprehensions regarding the impact of geopolitical dominance on the global economic landscape. He highlighted a pressing issue where geopolitical maneuvers are overshadowing economic decisions, emphasizing the selfish motives behind these actions, regardless of legal principles.

During his speech on Thursday morning, Hun Sen pointed out the dire consequences of ongoing conflicts across various regions of the world, which have left indelible marks on innocent civilians and the broader economy. He underscored the precariousness in Asia, where existing tensions have the potential to escalate into conflict unless leaders engage in constructive dialogue and seek amicable solutions to their differences.

"My concern today is that geopolitical aspects continue to dominate the global economic agenda. News of a recession crisis in one country becomes a victory to another region in the world. Democracy elections make a chance for extremist groups to take action against a country with selfishness by not thinking about world interest and world order follow to the law," stated Hun Sen.

In this context, he lauded China as a beacon of hope and cooperation, advocating for a world where prosperity is shared and nations strive towards a common destiny. Hun Sen acknowledged China's significant role not just in contributing to global prosperity but also in its efforts to mediate conflicts and promote stability worldwide.

This statement from Hun Sen at the Boao Forum underscores the critical need for a balanced approach to global economics, one that transcends geopolitical ambitions and focuses on shared growth and stability.

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