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Minister of Justice Vows Firm Action Against Judges Involved in Drug Trafficking

Phnom Penh, March 27, 2024: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, Koeut Rith, issued a stern warning against any judicial official found to be entangled in drug trafficking, affirming the readiness to refer such cases to the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) for swift and decisive action.

Delivering his message before judges and prosecutors from across the nation at the commencement of the General Assembly aimed at reviewing the justice sector's accomplishments in 2023 and charting priorities for 2024, Deputy Prime Minister Koeut Rith articulated the imperative for the justice system to uphold unwavering principles concerning the drug menace.

"If any connection with drug trafficking is uncovered, I will not hesitate to furnish information and refer the case to the Anti-Corruption Unit," asserted Minister of Justice Koeut Rith.

Emphasizing the gravity of the drug problem, Minister Koeut Rith underscored its detrimental impact not only on national security but also on human capital. He underscored the urgent need for resolute opposition to the drug scourge, recognizing its corrosive effects on the fabric of society.

Deputy Prime Minister Koeut Rith expressed his expectation for the judiciary to be held accountable not merely as law enforcers but also as responsible citizens committed to safeguarding the interests of Cambodia and its people.

Anticipating a collective resolve on combating drug-related challenges, Minister Koeut Rith stressed the significance of prioritizing the issue within the justice sector, aligning with the fourth key measures outlined by the Prime Minister of Cambodia.

The resolute stance articulated by Minister of Justice Koeut Rith underscores a concerted commitment to combatting the drug epidemic and upholding the integrity of Cambodia's judiciary in the face of external threats.

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