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DPM Koeut Rith Emphasizes Strong Population as Backbone of National Strength

Phnom Penh, March 27, 2024: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, Mr. Koeut Rith, underscored the indispensable link between a robust populace and a strong nation during the opening of the General Assembly aimed at summarizing the achievements of the justice sector in 2023 and outlining priorities for 2024.

In his address, Mr. Koeut Rith emphasized that the strength of a nation hinges upon the vitality of its people, with education and health emerging as pivotal factors in fortifying the populace. "Education and health are paramount, diverting attention and investment towards bolstering the foundational pillars of primary and secondary education, as well as healthcare services," stated Mr. Koeut Rith.

He further elaborated, "A nation's strength is contingent upon the strength of its people. If only two individuals are robust, we must contemplate two essential elements: education and health."

Employing the term "human capital" instead of "human resources," Mr. Koeut Rith stressed the significance of individuals possessing not only knowledge but also sound health. He articulated that the Pentagon strategy adopts this approach, recognizing the intrinsic value of a populace endowed with both cognitive prowess and physical well-being.

While delineating the priority directions for national development, the Minister of Justice elucidated that fostering education and healthcare represents a concerted effort towards augmenting national resilience. However, Mr. Koeut Rith cautioned that the journey towards fortifying the nation entails meticulous steps and is a gradual process.

The discourse by Deputy Prime Minister Koeut Rith resonated with a call for strategic investments in human capital as a cornerstone of national progress, signifying a concerted commitment towards nurturing a vibrant and resilient populace.

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