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Cambodian Taekwondo Athletes Set Sights on Asian ITF Championships in India

Phnom Penh, March 27, 2024 - Cambodian taekwondo athletes are gearing up to showcase their skills at the upcoming Asian ITF Championships 2024, slated to be held in India this August.

The announcement came from Keo Remy, President of the Cambodian International Taekwondo Federation, during a recent taekwondo competition in Phnom Penh.

Remy motivated the Cambodian contenders with a rallying call for dedication and excellence in training to secure medals at the highly anticipated event. "We must aim for victory and not just participate. Winning medals should be our goal to enhance our standing in Asia, replicating our success from 2018," stated the federation's president.

Cambodia has a commendable history in the sport, achieving a notable 2nd place in Asia at the Asian ITF Championships in Mongolia in 2018. The team also made its mark on the global stage by ranking 18th among 90 countries at the World ITF Championships in Bulgaria in 2019.

With these achievements in their legacy, the Cambodian taekwondo team is determined to continue its tradition of excellence and make a significant impact at the upcoming championships in India.

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