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Hun Sen Envisions Maekjung Group's Visit to Foster Investment through Understanding of Cambodia's Peace and Stability

Phnom Penh, March 26, 2024: Hun Sen, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the King and President of the Cambodian People's Party, held a meeting with Dr. Chang Dae-whan, President of the Maekjung Group, at the 7 Makara Palace in Phnom Penh.

During the meeting, Hun Sen extended a warm welcome to the Maekjung Group's delegation, expressing hope that their visit would enhance their understanding of Cambodia's peace, stability, and development, viewing these as prime opportunities for investment in the nation.

Dr. Chang Dae-whan expressed his honor at being received by Hun Sen and mentioned that he brought along several Korean companies interested in exploring investment opportunities in Cambodia.

Hun Sen took the opportunity to reflect on the diplomatic relations between Cambodia and the Republic of Korea, a relationship he pioneered since 1996. He highlighted the significant contributions of Korean investments in Cambodia, noting their role in developing infrastructure, education, health sectors, and the employment of tens of thousands of Cambodian workers in Korea.

In terms of bilateral cooperation, Hun Sen outlined five key areas for both nations to focus on:

Strengthening the bilateral relations between Cambodia and the Republic of Korea.

Enhancing Mekong-Korea cooperation.

Promoting more effective ASEAN-ROK cooperation.

Advancing the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).

Fostering Cambodia-South Korea cooperation within the United Nations framework.

Furthermore, Hun Sen expressed gratitude to the Bouyong Company for its contributions to health and information technology sectors in Cambodia, as well as for donating numerous buses to Phnom Penh Capital Hall.

Dr. Chang Dae-whan extended a cordial invitation to Hun Sen to participate in the upcoming World Knowledge Forum to be held in South Korea. Hun Sen accepted the invitation and wished the delegation a successful visit to Cambodia, underlining the potential for further strengthening the fruitful relationship between the two countries.

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